THE SAKARI METHOD For Classical Guitar                              

             "Perfect Your Passion"                                                  

You have quite a repertory put together and can perform it at will.

You've been on the concert planks a few  times and have experienced the joy and even thrill of spontaneity on stage with Guitar music but you find yourself asking if you' ve achieved everything you set out to achieve.

And now what ?  Brag about your conquests on the Blogs ?  Teach those who can't or won't learn ? 

"I know, I'll buy a new Guitar and breathe new life back into it all !" 

My first guess ? 

Some time ago, you gave up, for whatever reason, it doesn't matter anymore and now you're doing Google searches for the truth, the meaning of life, the Guitar God. 

You did buy a new Guitar, but . . .it didn't help. 

It's not about the DVD's from the Guitarists du jour, the recitals, the concerts, the receptions. 

It's about you and your Guitar and what you want and have to say with your music. 

My second guess ? 

Most of the pieces in your repertoire don't really excite you and you certainly don't really love them. 

You're probably even capable of holding a conversation while playing them !

But if you're happy with your technique and who you are, congratulations ! 

If not . . . then

tear yourself back down to basics , take the music off the stand and go back to just being yourself with your Guitar. 

You remember, like it was when you were just a Beginner and your Creative Spirit was dying to get out.