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Federal Trade Commission Disclosure Statement

This policy is valid from November 12, 2009

Testimonials/endorsements quoted on The Sakari Method
web site or family of web sites are always
unsolicited and the endorsing parties NEVER receive
compensation in any form including but not limited to
monies or free products.



The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is introducing new
rules about the use of testimonials.

From now on you can't just quote the happiest and
most successful testimonials, you have to disclose how
"everybody" does and what "average" is.

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it ?

Not really and here's why.  If someone buys one of
my courses, skims through it and sends me an e-mail
that the course didn't work, then that person's "average"
results are not an accurate portrayal of the benefits
from my lessons and courses.

The truth is, some people just like to express

In point of fact, as discovered by many who
write me, most criticisms of my work are usually found
on CG forums by those who admittedly have
never studied any of my courses start to finish.

These Nay sayers hide behind their lack of direct interaction
with my courses and use their "Big Fish in a Little Pond"
posturing to review the proverbial Movie without ever
entering a Movie Theater.

The problem here is, I only receive e-mails from those
who diligently follow my lessons and report their
success ( and yes, all the testimonials on my web site
are from real people who make real progress. )

The day I receive an e-mail from someone who
has practiced my lessons start to finish, kept a
daily log of their practice time only to find that
they didn't progress one iota after 6 months,
I'll post it on my web site !

So in the interest of full disclosure, here is the entire
spectrum of my own customers' success and
failure – from bottom to top:

The bottom 30% do absolutely nothing with the
lessons they buy from me.  Maybe they save
the files to their hard drive, maybe not.  They may look
some of the lessons over, never taking out their
guitar and that's it.  They don't want to benefit so
they don't.

Many people buy weight loss manuals hoping
for their answer.  They might even put on running shoes
but they never get on the treadmill !

This group may contain as many as
50 - 60 % of my purchasers.

I base this estimate on the conspicuous lack of their e-mail
communication with me.  My courses are not without
nuance and those who ACTUALLY practice the lessons
e-mail me almost every day with questions and
observations.  ( This group of dedicated practicers
represent about 5% of my purchasers and they are
absolutely obsessive about the lessons. )

10% practice my lessons occassionally and make
"casual" progress, e-mailing me with their "casual"
increase in ability on the guitar.

Another 10%  e-mail me some time after purchase,
sometimes one year or more saying they are now
"ready" to dive in.

10 - 20%, I estimate, almost never contact me but work
quietly behind the scenes making progress. Some
contact me several years later with a
"Remember Me ?" e-mail.

Only 1% take my lessons totally to heart.  They put away their
music and go at it, sometimes for two or three years.  They
come out the other end of this tunnel with remarkable
playing ability.  Some of these people are retired
professional players, current professionals who are
tired of bad habits, some are long term frustrated
amateurs who have spent thousands of dollars on
live lessons for 10 years or more and have gotten nowhere
with their playing ability.

This still does not ensure that they are ready for the
concert stage.  All I can do is supply the tools
to bringing about actionable results because I have
tested and measured the results with students
through the years.

If the worst case is that you take my courses and come
to the conclusion that the classical guitar just isn't
the dream you hoped it would be, then you have
succeeded in at least now knowing that fact where you did not
before.  Result ?  You just saved thousands of dollars
in live lessons and travel time for just a few hundred dollars
or less with my online lessons.

But if you do succeed and you are fulfilled with your
new found playing ability where you weren't before,
then send me a copy of your first CD and
we'll share our war stories and discuss interpretive
choices to make your playing even more enjoyable.

Not everyone who buys my courses is successful
and not everything I show you will work for you
100% of the time.

But when you do succeed, no need to tell me, as
many do, just keep playing and growing.

All this just in case you were wondering about my
testimonials and the new rules from the FTC.

So...I hope this inspires you to be in that 1% group !


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